KomazawaSeiki Co., Ltd.


Department of Precision Parts Machining


Head office:
373-4, Niizaki, Kitaku, Niigata city, Niigata prefecture 950-3134, Japan
Managing Director:
Takuya Ohara

Company Profile

April, 1960
48 million yen
Number of employees:
73 persons

Brief History

Komazawaseiki Co. was established
Relocated to a newly built Niizaki Plant
Built the second plant
The company became incorporated
Built the third plant
Built the fourth plant

Business activities

Manufacturing of pneumatic equipment and speedometer components of cars and motorcycles
Manufacturing of automobile parts

Main facilities

NC lathes, Machinig Center, centerless grinders, thread rolling machines, automatic lathes and 6-axis automatic lathes

Specialities of our company

With know-how obtained through precision machining, we manufacture pneumatic components, speedometer components, automobile parts and etc. on a consistent production system. We aggressively advance integration of information, technology and software to provide the products with highest precision and quality, which eventually earns a good reputation from our customers.

High Precision Machining with most advanced Technology

Speed always pursues accuracy. The Komazawa’s technology is found in core of its accuracy. The more precision is required, the closer the tolerance approaches to zero. The machines surrounding us achieved a remarkable progress. But the recent computerization changes size of machines to more compact and the precision of each part has become more severer than ever before.

The machines compete accuracy of precision unit which level can not be seen with human eyes and ears.--- the world of precision parts…

Komazawa Seiki Co., Ltd. challenges against the micron world with the confirmed technology and creativity acquired for many years and greatly contribute to many fields of products.

The speed machine of high technology. The beautiful body and a brilliant aspect of drama has another face. The engine of various parts has core of high performance and even the single small part shall never be allowed any mistake in machining. Only one complete set of parts relying on each other with trust shall make the best performance. And Komazawa manufacturing parts shall derive its highest power when the driver concentrates to be united with the speed machine at one piece.


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